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10 Signs of A Good Builder

August 7, 2015
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  1. They’re busy. A good builder should have a packed calendar, especially if he has a good reputation. If a builder doesn’t have work, ask yourself why.
  2. A long list of satisfied customers – and you’re welcome to talk to all of them. A good builder should be more than willing to have you check up on him, so to speak.
  3. Good time management skills. If a builder shows up late to your meetings, that’s not a good sign. A true professional should have control of his schedule – otherwise how is he managing yours?
  4. Good communication skills. Your calls get returned in a timely and courteous fashion. If there are problems, no one is dodging your calls. If decisions need to be made, no one is pushing you off. Which leads to…
  5. Straight answers. Good builders don’t hedge. Whether it’s about the budget or the schedule or materials, a good builder gives it to you straight. Detailed estimates, building plans & spec sheets, actual timelines, and no BS.
  6. They stand behind their work. A good builder doesn’t hesitate to cover his work – even if that means repairs or replacements.
  7. Quality materials and products. Quality craftsmanship. Quality employees. Look at the cabinetry, trim work and carpeting. A good builder will choose quality over convenience every time.
  8. A good builder will adapt when things come up. He’ll have a solution if the cabinets are wonky, a contingency for dealing with the tiles that never arrived. A good builder doesn’t get unpleasant or flustered.
  9. What kind of relationships does he have with his team members? Does he talk to them/treat them with respect? A good builder will have long-standing, trusting relationships with his subs and vendors, and clients who respect him in return.
  10. Good vibes. This may seem insignificant, but think about it. Do you like talking to him? Is he a nice guy? Do you mind having him in your house? You’ll be spending a lot of time together. If you don’t get a good vibe in the first 5 minutes, how are you going to feel after 5 months?

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This post was written by Sandcastle Homes

"We are so grateful to have found Sandcastle Homes! They’ve made the home-buying process so much easier and more enjoyable than we could have imagined. They are responsive, respectful, and always put the customer first. We truly appreciate the speed and accuracy with which they’ve addressed any concerns we’ve brought up throughout the process and can’t wait to officially own our first home. Sandcastle has a team that clearly values one another as much as they do their customers, and you can feel a sense of community when working with them."

Carol Sandler

"Sandcastle did an amazing job with my house. They came through on everything they promised. Jose Salas, the construction manager, is very helpful even after we closed on the house. He goes above and beyond. Getting to meet the owner, Salomon, during the closing was a great experience as many other builders don’t do this. We love our house and the quality of it!!"

Enrique and Judith

"We just moved into our new home by Sandcastle. Since the beginning of the process the whole Sandcastle team paid great attention to our requests and responded rapidly. We were lucky to get in contract in time for us to choose colors, kitchen design, finishes and other and all our requests were reflected in our new house. At the end of the closing, the team always kept the same great attitude towards us and helped us with any question or request. We would say one of the greatest things about Sandcastle is that they really back up what they sell: best price, best service, best quality in town. We ended up extremely pleased with our new house."

Andres and Marcela

"I just moved into my new Sandcastle home and I think it’s a wonderful place to live. They have been very helpful, particularly Lynette and Steve. From the owner Mike Salomen down, it has been a truly positive experience. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to buy a new home that is built of high quality to consider this home builder."

Neal Massey

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