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Customer Reviews

Sandcastle Homes Homeowners are welcome to write a review of their experiences with Sandcastle Homes by commenting on this page. Please include the year you bought your home and your neighborhood or community in your post. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to write you review.

We look forward to your comments!


  • Chris Peralta & Karina Sanchez-Peralta says:

    The home that my wife and I purchased from Sandcastle was our third new construction home in Houston and there was a huge difference in customer service and overall quality of the home compared to the previous builders we purchased from in the past.

    Any warranty requests were handled within a reasonable timeline and the whole team at Sandcastle were great. We had nothing but positive interactions with the whole Sandcastle team especially the construction manager Jose Salas and the president Mike Salomon.

  • Jennifer & Michael Lee says:

    We just moved into our new Sandcastle home in July 2020 and absolutely love it!! As first-time homebuyers, we had a lot of questions and Mike Taylor was very attentive and great to work with from start to closing, making sure that all of our questions and concerns were addressed in a timely manner.

    Big thanks to Steven for being so patient and helpful with our backyard landscaping to the first walkthrough and all the way to closing. He really went above and beyond to make sure all issues were taken care of before closing and exceeded our expectations. We cannot say enough good things about Steven, he is one of the best people we have ever worked with!

    We are so happy with our new home and even happier to work with such a great team. Thank you Sandcastle!!

  • Jay Milton says:

    I’m living in my second Sandcastle home. While I’m please with the quality of the homes, I have more appreciated the response and professionalism of the staff. Steven has always gone above and beyond to answer all questions, even past my warranty. He is attentive to all needs and truly customer centric. Jo, Lynette, and others add to a strong team. Thanks Sandcastle!

  • Feng says:

    My wife and I bought a home with them recently. The thing we liked the most is that they were able to finish over a month before the promised closing date so that we don’t need to find a temporary location after our lease ends. There are some minor issues with the new floor plan we bought after we moved in, but got resolved in a timely manner.

  • Brittni Willis says:

    We purchased our house in April 2019 and Sandcastle was amazing to work with! Especially Steven, he went above and beyond and we appreciated it so much!

  • Kalia says:

    My family and I had a great experience with the entire Sandcastle team. We appreciated their attentiveness and warm customer service. It helped make our home buying experience all the more smooth and enjoyable. We are very excited to start our new chapter in one of their beautiful homes!

  • Sara Grunert says:

    We purchased our home in October 2018 inside the loop. The service has been exceptional! We got the opportunity to pick the final finishes of our home and they did a great job listening to our input and answering all of our questions. Mike made closing very simple. Steven has done a wonderful job explaining what we need to do to properly maintain our home. He also responds quickly to any questions we have and will come to our house quickly for any potential issues.

  • Kathy Lovell says:

    those we have countered at sandcastle are respectful and fun to work with. thank you for the quick reply and working with us on any questions or request we had

  • IP says:

    The whole team was great – very professional, detailed, and personable. Thanks!

  • Alexandra Kutzler says:

    My husband and I just purchased a Sandcastle home and we could not be happier with our decision! We started the process very early and were able to choose our own finishes and customize the home. Mike Taylor was so great to work with throughout the whole process and responded to all of our requests in a very timely manner. We are so impressed with the craftsmanship with the home; everything from the siding, to the crown molding, to the back splash in our kitchen is done perfectly! We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sandcastle homes!!

  • Zach Sartin says:

    We purchased our first home from Sandcastle in April 2018. The help we received from the entire staff throughout the process was wonderful and we cannot say enough good things about the experience.

    Mike Taylor was extremely helpful in finding the right house for us and always had time to get back with us quickly and take care of all of our needs. Lynette Harris was a great point of contact throughout the process, and Mike Solomon and his team build a great house. Our construction manager, also a Michael, was very helpful and took each and every concern we had to heart and made sure that everything was done correctly. We truly appreciate the entire team at Sandcastle who definitely went the extra mile to get us into a great home.

  • Meghan Monaghan says:

    We’ve lived in our Sandcastle home now for a week and we absolutely love it. Our insulation is amazing. Our AC barely has to run to keep our house at the perfect temperature. Our yard is huge, and we’re so close to downtown. We got to pick everything we wanted in our house, from the flooring to the mirror frames. I am absolutely amazed by the value that Sandcastle offers. I was able to watch our house be built and have pictures from before the sheetrock was even in. It was an incredible experience, especially as a first time home buyer.

    We were so spoiled by Sandcastle and their team. Mike Taylor was always responsive to my calls, even after closing. We honestly cannot say enough good things about Steven. He has been so helpful and patient with us. He went through the homeowner book that Sandcastle provides, which is such an excellent resource. He had every little thing in our house fixed from our blue taping session. We are so grateful that we got to work with him. He made the process a breeze and much less stressful on us. He is truly excellent at his job.

    Our house is perfect for us. We got EVERYTHING on our want and need list. 10/10 will recommend Sandcastle to any of our friends buying homes in Houston, and if we ever buy another house, I hope that we can use Sandcastle as our builder.

  • Brittney Probst says:

    I have officially owned a sandcastle home for a year now!! I could not be happier with the home itself and the service provided by the sandcastle staff. Especially Steven! He went above and beyond to make sure I knew the proper steps to take care of my home and fix any issues that were going on. He’s the best! Thank you Sandcastle!

  • Dena Wilson says:

    I purchased my Sandcastle Home almost 10 years ago and have been very happy with it. Last week after the freeze I discovered a broken pipe gushing water from a weep hole in the exterior brick. Obviously it was impossible to get a plumber to come out promptly and I called Jo with Sandcastle. She was able to get an awesome plumber to my house promptly to do a temporary fix; he came back the next day and fixed it permanently. Jo also gave me the name of a bricker who did a fabulous job repairing the exterior. Thank you, Jo, for saving the day and for letting me know that any time, help is just a phone call or email away!!

  • Debra Marshall says:

    Since 2001, I’ve enjoyed the quality construction, well designed floor plan and beautiful craftsmanship of my Sandcastle Home.
    I would purchase another Sandcastle Home and recommend Sandcastle Homes as a choice new home builder.

  • Kris says:

    I purchased my house on 1/31/17. I have the Coronado plan. The process of adding upgrades was very easy. The closing went very smoothly. Mike was great to work with! Since the closing, I’ve had a few minor issues come up. I can’t say enough about Steven! He has always been extremely helpful and has fixed all of these minor issues or set me up with the person who can fix them. He is great!
    I love my home! I feel like I got a good value for the location. I look forward to enjoying my house in the years to come!

  • Christyn K says:

    We just closed yesterday and have nothing but positive things to say about the purchase and closing process. The whole team is very friendly, responsive and helpful. They wanted to get everything 100% right. I’d totally recommend working with Sandcastle.

  • Kristen Bergeron says:

    We moved into our Sandcastle home about 2 weeks ago. We love every inch of our new house, thanks to the great crews at Sandcastle. We were able to pick finishes, meet with Jo in the construction group. Katie and the office staff helped walk us through our color choices in the Design Center and stayed connected with all the requested change orders we had. Steve the superintendent made sure we had a thourough walk through and all the ins/outs of our home were explained to us. Even at the closing Mike made sure we were happy and asked if there was more he could do!

    Mike S. stayed with us through the entire process, even accepting a contingency on the sale of our existing home. You don’t see that in many builders! What I really like about Sandcastle is the staying power they have – they don’t just leave the neighborhoods they build. Instead they always look for more opportunities to revilatize key Houston markets.

    We look forward to many years to come in our new Sandcastle home!

  • Andres and Marcela says:

    We just moved into our new home by Sandcastle. Since the beginning of the process the whole Sandcastle team paid great attention to our requests and responded property and rapidly. We were lucky to get in contract in time for us to choose colors, kitchen design, finishes and other and all our requests were reflected in our new house. At the end of the closing, the team always kept the same great attitude towards us and helped us with any question or request. We would say one of the greatest things about Sandcastle is that they really back up what they sell: best price, best service, best quality in town. We ended up extremely pleased with our new house.

  • Our Manchester home so far has bene excellent and comfortable. ALready feels like our home for years…minus the boxes. I just really want to give a shout out to Steven Speer for really helping us transition into the new home. He went a above and beyond after the move in to help adjust some items in the Attic and partner me with valuable vendors to do some small upgrades.

  • Brian Chambers says:

    I was very impressed with Sandcastle homes – their attention to detail, punctuality, and responsiveness. I purchased my home in May 2016 with a very tight timeline to close and move in. They installed new floors and fixed all the walkthrough items in 3 weeks and I was able to close and move in all on schedule in early June 2016. Special thanks to Stephanie Carwile, Lynette Harris, and Mike Salomon.

  • Jesse & Cynthia says:

    We purchased our home from Sandcastle in mid-June 2016. We have been very pleased with our new home thus far. Great location, great quality, great staff at Sandcastle. It feels like a proper home. They were able to meet our quick closing date and had the house ready for close on the agreed date, even with some additions we wanted to the house. We viewed the house for the first time and closed on it within 3 weeks!

    #1 – The staff of Sandcastle were great to work with. It’s nice to work with a smaller home builder that’s not focused on the quantity but the quality. It’s also very positive when you deal directly with Mike Salomon, President. He has a real passion and pride for his company. No middle man to deal with here! Maggie and Lynette were also a great pleasure to deal with. They provided instant feedback to our questions/requests. On the construction side Steven was also great to deal with. He is very accommodating and echoes Mike’s passion. Down to the little requests we put through to some minor warranty repairs, Steven and his team are a pleasure to deal with. He goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with the home. The team under him also put out a great finished product.

    #2 – The quality of these homes are far more superior than some of the other homes we looked at in the area. Construction was completed with quality in mind even down to the minor detail. During our initial walk through, there were only a handful of details to be corrected which were completed with no issues.

    Again it was a pleasure to work with the Sandcastle team, we are very happy with our new build home.


  • David & Carol Andrews says:

    Sorry Steven for the misspelling in our post!

  • David & Carol Andrews says:

    We recently purchased the Lisbon(see video) on Brinkman. The Sandcastle team has been terrific from the beginning to now. Their saleswoman, Lynette Harris, directed us to the houses in Garden Oaks area. We were able to pick out a lot of the decorative items such as: granite, wood flooring and paint colors.

    Then the completion of the house and dealing with Stephen Speer (construction supervisor) on the walk thrus as well as his professional follow up with us. Stephen actually hung our mailbox and has been very responsive on making sure that our first few weeks in our house have been problem free.

    Last but not least, Mike Dishberger has been very helpful through the whole process and has been very accommodating on change orders and the final closing on June 2nd.

    We are enjoying our new well built Sandcastle home and would highly recommend them as a builder.

  • Caleb W. says:

    We have very much enjoyed living in our Sandcastle home for the past year. The staff has always been helpful and care about their customers. Thanks for the recent repairs Steven!

  • Nancy Arnold says:

    I have been a Sandcastle Homeowner for 7 years and have loved every day in my home! I believe the quality of my home can largely be attributed to the fact that Jo Dunham was my building supervisor! She is amazing!!!! A few months ago I developed a leak in my ceiling due to a couple of shingles getting blown off, but at the time all I knew was that I had water dripping from my ceiling. I emailed Jo to ask for a workman recommendation and about 5 minutes later she turned up at my door. She came and took a look around and up in my attic and gave me the name of some roofing guys who then came over and got the two shingles replaced by the end of the day. Now that is above and beyond customer service! My heartfelt thanks to you, Jo. Sandcastle is lucky to have you as a team member!!!

  • Alexander Chebaro says:

    Purchasing my first home from Sandcastle has been a straightforward and stress-free process due to the hard work and dedication of Sandcastle employees. The home is built to a very high standard and any warranty work is addressed immediately. Stephanie Carwile is the superintendent for my home and she has been amazing. I’ve worked with her over the past year and we have developed a friendship. She is patient and always willing to go out of her way to assist. I recommend Sandcastle to all of my friends.

  • Daniel Weisman says:

    We have been in our home for about a month now and couldn’t be more happier with our purchase. Mike (the President) was honest and very helpful through the entire process. This was my first home purchase and he was very patient and helped by explaining things in great detail. Steven our superintendent made sure every item (though not many) that came up on the inspection was taken care of prior to us moving in. When we moved in, we found a small electrical issue that he was able to get taken care of that same day. The home itself has been wonderful. We love the floor plan and all of the nice finishes that came standard. My wife and I could not be happier and look forward to many years in our Sandcastle home!

  • Mike & Jessica Smith says:

    We purchased our home in January of 2016 and it has been a pleasure owning a Sandcastle home. We relocated back to the US from the UK and had a short turn around time to find a home and Mike did everything in his power to get us closed and in our perfect home as soon and smoothly as possible. Since we’ve moved in we have had minor issues with the new home but our Superintendent Steven again has gotten these all fixed as quickly and smoothly as possible. He makes a point to send us reminders and check ups on all appointments which is really helpful in our busy lives. Sandcastle homes has a great team of people and makes a great home!

  • As a Realtor I see all kinds of new construction homes and Sandcastle is one of the best. Their process and quality control means my customers get a well built home with less stress and hassle. I enjoy showing and selling Sandcastle Homes.

  • Phillip Thomason says:

    I purchased my home in November of 2014 and it has been a pleasure owning a Sandcastle home. They have been so responsive to fixing the minor things that I noticed throughout the first year of owning the home. Stephanie personally came out to supervise/inspect the repairs herself. I am thankful for the attention and hard work that they provide to their customers.

  • Tiffany Crawley says:

    I closed on my house in August of 2014, so I’ve been here long enough to know it’s a really nice home. Sandcastle makes a beautiful home and their people are a pleasure to work with. This was the first home I’ve ever purchased (my 12th house, just the 1st I own) and I can say I am glad I made the choice to go with Sandcastle. It’s comfortable living, it looks nice, and it’s a well made and well designed home. Stephanie in particular has made everything as smooth as silk. She always addresses my concerns or questions quickly and if someone needs to come out she has them out as soon as possible, with no inconvenience to me.

  • Neal Massey says:

    I just moved into my new Sandcastle home and I think it’s a wonderful place to live. They have been very helpful, particularly Lynette and Steve (Steve even installed my mailbox today without my asking him!). From the owner Mike Salomen down, it has been a truly positive experience. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to buy a new home that is built of high quality to consider this home builder.

  • Megan says:

    My husband and I closed on our new Gibraltar home in mid-November and couldn’t be happier. We found the home in July while in it’s early stages, and had a fantastic experience with Mike and his team throughout the building process. Mike was extremely responsive to our constant questions and inquiries. Lynette was also great in helping us choose the finishing’s for the home and often stayed late with us to ponder the myriad of tile and paint choices. A positive experience was made even better when we met Stephanie for our first walk through. Stephanie has been fantastic to work with! She addressed all our questions in the walk through and has been extremely responsive even after closing on the home. For example, we had a few small items we asked her about this week and within an hour we had the items addressed. She also follows up to make sure everything was fixed. We have been very impressed with how responsive and thorough she is. The overall experience with Sandcastle was great and we love our new home!

  • Thanks for the nice review Linda! It was a pleasure working with you as well. Hope you enjoy your Sandcastle Home for a long time. Happy Holidays!

  • Linda Ellison says:

    We closed on our new Barcelona home in Montrose the week of Thanksgiving. We are slowly getting settled and enjoying our home. Our experience with Sandcastle was great from our first visit with Mike to our closing. Lynette was wonderful in assisting us with our decorating choices and very friendly and accommodating whenever we had a question or changed a decision. Steven did a great job as our building superintendent. He was always very prompt answering any question and was able to explain things as they were happening. Thank you Sandcastle.

  • Tina Chakrabarti says:

    I love my new house. It’s the perfect design for a small family. When searching for my home, similar houses of the same quality and features but smaller sizes were 100K more in the area. I feel like I got a great deal with personal attention from the owner. Mike and his staff, Lynette are really good people and very responsive and helpful. Stephanie Carwile responds to any questions I have immediately and is very helpful in giving me advice on how to maintain my home. The entire team made the process very easy. I am so grateful that I found such a great home in this price point with individual attention from the owner (Mike) and the building crew (Stephanie). The pictures on the website and HAR don’t do it justice. The homes are functional and beautiful. The designer/architect put a lot of thought into the floor plans/design and functionality. The space is used to maximum efficiency. The service you will get from Sandcastle can’t be beat. I wasn’t very serious about finding a new place but I took one look at the floor plan and what you get for the money and I immediately made an offer. The brand new house had no issues during the recent floods. These houses are solid and well built and my inspector was quite impressed. Thank you so much to Mike, Lynette, Stephanie and team!

  • Daniel Siebert says:

    I could not be happier with our brand new home in Cottage Grove!

    Choose Sandcastle with confidence- they have been building in our area for many years. There are several 10+ year old Sandcastles down the street from us, all in excellent condition. I walked thru one of them, and was pleased to see how well the homes hold up after several years of use.

    We purchased very early– at slab stage. I knew Sandcastle would have the resources to see the project thru. I have observed other builder’s projects in our area that seem to stall/freeze with no progress for several months- or go out of business completely. Sandcastle gave us a projected closing date of 1/30 when we signed the initial contract back in September– and they handed us the keys to our new home on 1/30, right on schedule!

    Mike, Stephanie, Lynette & Jo all went way beyond the call of duty to accommodate our upgrades/special requests. I am so pleased with how the kitchen turned out. It feels like I am living in a custom home, built just for me.

    Do not underestimate the luxury of having your own private driveway. My mother came to visit this week, and it was so nice to have her park right in front of our home, and not have to walk down the street with her suitcase or compete for limited guest parking.

    Thanks again to everyone!

  • Mike Salomon says:

    So nice to hear Judy! Hope you, Matt and the little ones are well.

  • Mike Salomon says:

    Thanks Kathie. You are correct. We have been building in the Houston Inner Loop neighborhoods like Rice Military, Houston Heights, Heights Annex, Shady Acres, etc. for 20 years, uninterrupted. In that time, we have seen builders come and go. Meanwhile, we have maintained a steady presence and built an outstanding reputation not only for quality and value but for outstanding customer service. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Happy customers are what we are all about.

  • Kathie Forney says:

    There have been a lot of builders come and go in Rice Military, some with bad reputations. I suggest you mention that Sandcastle homes are well built and long time in the area.

  • Judy Tran says:

    We bought a Sandcastle home in 2007 on Couch St. Its really a perfect location right near the 610/290/I-10 Interchanges. Its behind a gate and the street is wide enough for two cars to go through at once- a biggie in the Heights. Another biggie is the guest parking inside the gate- a big advantage. We recently remodeled our home- totally gutting the bathrooms and kitchen. Our remodeler commented on how well built our home was- that the electricals and plumbing were excellent throughout the house- making our custom remodel much easier than anticipated. Our kitchen tile was installed so well, it took a jackhammer to remove it, and all our plumbing additions were much easier given the existing plumbing was so well installed. Sandcastle’s on-going customer service and support were and continues to also be excellent. Our remodeler said our kitchen cabinets were beautiful and of excellent quality. We have been really happy with our Sandcastle home overall in the seven years we have been here.

  • Mike Salomon says:

    Thanks Rob! I’m so happy that you had a good experience. We have a great team here at Sandcastle Homes and everyone does their piece to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

    Mike Salomon

  • Rob Woloszyn says:

    We just moved into Shady Acres on November 13th. I have been involved in six new home purchases in the Houston, Texas area. Two of those six home purchases have been inside the 610 Loop. I was apprehensive about purchasing another Inner Loop home with a new construction builder since my last purchase was with Intown Homes and was by far the worst home buying experience I have ever had. So, when I initially met with Sandcastle Homes, I shared my experience and concerns with Mike Salomon regarding my last home purchase with Intown Homes. Mike assured me we would not experience any of the issues addressed with the previous builder.

    Even though the foundation of the home had just been laid, Mike gave us an exact date the house would be completed and exact closing escrow date. The house was finished a few day early and our first walk-thru was scheduled for the original date of completion. Of course, our escrow closure was ten days later on the date scheduled and promised four months earlier.

    I have to give credit to the whole Sandcastle staff! They truly are a team and will take care of every reasonable concern you have with your new home purchase.

  • Linda Duffin says:

    Well I must say that I am one happy Castle Dweller! I closed on my home in the Cottage Grove area of the Heights on October 31, 2014. Being new to Houston, and never having purchased a new construction home, I was getting ready for a tough process. Could not be more opposite! Mike Salomon, Stephanie, Lynette have been absolutely FANTASTIC! Very responsive, truly caring about the quality and craftsmanship for every Sandcastle home they sell. My home was ready to close on time, and all punch list items complete. They really go the extra mile to make their clients happy!!! Thanks Sandcastle team! I am so glad I purchased my home from you!

  • Katlyn Kornegay says:

    My husband and I purchased our home in February of 2014, and closed on 9/30. From the point of purchase through the closing, we thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at Sandcastle to customize the perfect home for our family! Lynette was quick and helpful with any questions we had throughout the process, and Mike Solomon was great to work with to find the best location and floor plan that worked best for us. Jeffrey was an amazing project manager, and is the epitome of who you want helping you through the sea of warranties before closing. Our new home is absolutely beautiful, and all of the details are better than expected. We purchased the Geneva plan, and could not be happier with our spacious open floor plan, gourmet kitchen, and spacious backyard. The home has everything that we could want and so much more, everyday we find something new about it to fall in love with. Our friends and family love it just as much as we do, and we would definitely recommend Sandcastle to anyone in the Houston area looking for a quality home builder. We are looking forward to many exciting years to come in our home, and could not be more pleased with our decision to purchase a Sandcastle home. Cheers!

  • Mark Byrne says:

    Sandcastle was great during our purchase. Very flexible and able to work through a few speed bumps in the process. Thanks for working with us. Stephanie the superintendent was the best help. We owe her a million times over for her patience and hard work on our new home at the Beall Landing Ct site. Thanks again!

    Mark & Nadine

  • Kathie Forney says:

    I have been in my home for one month, and have been very pleased with my purchase. This is my 6th home purchase, but my 2nd new construction. So far I have been thrilled with the overall construction, attention to energy efficiency, use of space, large closets, and extensive crown molding, finishes, and products utilized. My electric bills are very low compared to my last home of the same size, but older construction, proving Sandcastle true to their word on energy efficiency, even with all the windows and high ceilings.

    In any new home there will be a few items that need repair, but I have been pleased with how few there have been. When I needed something, Jeffrey was very responsive.

    I went to a few open houses in the area yesterday, with a friend who is moving here. Wow! Sandcastle builds a great home at a great value! Thank you for everything, Mike Salomon, Lynette, and Jeffrey!

  • Mark and Sian Boyd says:

    Mark and I closed on a Sandcastle home in the Heights last month, and we couldn’t be happier. We have been very impressed with Sandcastle, and the professionalism of everyone we dealt with, especially as we were overseas during much of the process. Mike Salomon was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and accommodating. Lynette was wonderful and did a great job helping us choose finishes , she was a joy to work with.
    Stephanie went above and beyond getting everything ready for closing. Her attention to detail and her ability to get things done quickly is amazing.
    Thanks Sandcastle- we love our new home and would thoroughly recommend Sandcastle to anyone!

  • Amanda & Kevin Smith says:

    Kevin and I closed on our new Sandcastle home in March and we couldn’t be happier. This is the second time we have gone through the home building process and the experience with Sandcastle was so much easier than the first. Mike Solaman, Lynette Harris and Stephanie Carwile were great to work with.

    Stephanie addressed all our questions and concerns during the walk through. She really cares about all of the homeowners she works with and is great about getting back to us in a timely manner whenever we contact her. Stephanie made what can be a very stressful process painless and easy and we can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for us.

    Thank you sandcastle team for providing us with a beautiful home that we love coming home to everyday. We would definitely recommend Sandcastle to anyone looking for a new home.

  • Omar Musfy says:

    Dena and I are first-time home owners and, as you can imagine, had many questions and uncertainties when it came to choosing a new home in Houston. Fortunately for us, we had a great team in Sandcastle Homes! Mike, Stephanie, Lynette…all first rate professionals who patiently worked with us and our realtor as we added customization and bombarded the team with a myriad of questions. We closed on an amazing Geneva on W. 26th and today is our official move-in day!!! We couldn’t be happier and grateful for the decision to choose a Sandcastle home. Top-notch quality and attention to detail are the hallmark of our home! I won’t hesitate to recommend all my friends to consider a Sandcastle home! I’m looking forward to sending in some before and after pictures soon! Thanks again! Omar and Dena

  • Thanks Hayden and Michelle. It was a pleasure working with you guys. Hope you enjoy your home for years to come.

  • Hayden and Michelle says:

    We recently closed on our house on W 26th in the Heights. From beginning to end, the process with Mike, Jeffrey, and everyone at Sandcastle was seamless. Michelle and I were not living in Houston, so we had to communicate from afar. Whenever we did make it into Houston they were very accomodating to move the process along and help us where needed. The craftmanship and end product are top notch, and they delivered on every item. I would recommend them to future prospective homeowners and can’t wait to enjoy our new home.

  • Tom G. says:

    Just closed on a gorgeous Gibraltar in the Heights. This is a great house, with terrific construction. The process was so easy, and Sandcastle has been a true joy to work with. These are well-thought-out homes, with lots of storage, great floor plans, and provide what a lot of homes inside the Loop don’t — two stories, a yard, large open floor plans. These are terrific places to live, with a responsive, conscientious builder. We can’t recommend Sandcastle enough.

  • Judy Tran says:

    We bought our house in September of 2007 on Couch St. We have been very happy with our home. All our warranty requests were honored in a timely manner, and the operations staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. Our house is amazingly energy efficient, even when we are not quite so efficient. We have a half bath in our living room, which we at first thought was the downside of our house, but it turns out to be quite convenient and handy, especially with a toddler running around. All the paint and trim and house exterior have held up extremely well, and when Hurricane Ike hit, only one single tile roof piece came off. The motor for the wirlpool bathtub went out the first year, even though we don’t use if much, the A/C coil went out at year number 4 with a leak- even under warranty, it was quite a bit in labor and freon costs to fix, our microwave died after the 3rd year….all fairly minor things in the scheme of things and everything else pretty much still works and looks great after 6 years in. The company president is pretty responsive, something you wouldn’t normally get with a big builder. Our landscaping is fully grown now and looks really nice. In short, I think Sandcastle works really hard to provide quality homes at a reasonable price and to have very responsive staff to work with homeowners. I would definitely recommend buying a home from Sandcastle.

  • Ellen and Chris Patton says:

    We just completed a garage remodel on our Gibralter home in the Heights. We can not say enough about the outstanding job Nicole did as our project manager. Every request was met and the completed space far exceeded our expectations. We are absolutely thrilled with the build-out. Thank you Nicole and everyone else at Sandcastle for your professionalism, attention to detail and hard work.

  • Scott and Leigh Rappaport says:

    We want to say a big thank you to Sandcastle Homes for going above and beyond. The obvious is that we love our house, the floor plan, the style, and quality. Right when we walked into the house during a showing we knew this was our home. The extra part that makes Sandcastle so special is Mike Salomon. He was so helpful during the home buying experience, and he has continued to serve as a great point of contact for any questions we’ve had afterwards. He is very responsive. Not only did we purchase a great house, but we also got such great care from Sandcastle! What a deal!

  • Jesus says:

    I just closed on my new Sandcastle home yesterday. All I’ve got is praise for the individuals I dealt with (Mike, Maggie, Stephanie), their professionalism, dedication to customer satisfaction, and just plan “niceness”.

    You always hear the horror stories of working with builders and I was set for that. My experience was the complete opposite. Prompt and curteous responses to every single inquiry (and there were many), prompt resolution to any items I brought up, and very fair approach to everything.

    Mike was a professional and set a great tone for the entire experience from the very first time. Maggie was fantastic and guided me through the complete selection process masterfully – and handled all my change orders promptly. Stephanie? What can I say beyond that she actually made the entire walkthrough process fun. Everything I pointed out was taken care of and she had her own list of items that I didn’t see. Her experience and dedication to customer satisfaction came through lound and clear.

    I would recommend Sandcastle to anyone who is in the market for a new home with no hesitation whatsoever.

    Thank you all for making this the great experience it was – and thank you for building such a beautiful home for me.

  • Ellen and Chris Patton says:

    We closed on our new home in December 2012. We had a wonderful experience with Sandcastle. Stephanie, Maggie and Mike were great to work with and fulfilled every request. Their follow through was outstanding and we are extremely pleased with our beautiful new home. The quality and workmanship of our house is excellent. We were involved throughout the construction process and it was so exciting to see our home being built. We highly recommend Sandcastle

  • Jeremy Gottlieb says:

    I closed on my home in December 2012. Sandcastle was extremely responsive throughout the entire process including subsequent to close. Jeffrey has been incredibly helpful and very quick to take care of any questions/requests. We have been very happy with our purchase and would recommend sandcastle to all of our friends and family looking to buy a new home.

  • Margaret Pace says:

    I closed on my Sandcastle home in December 2012. After several less-than-perfect builder experiences it was a breath of fresh air to find Sandcastle Homes. Mike, Stephanie and Maggie were wonoderful throughout the building process. Stephanie was even so kind as to meet me at 7 am for a walk through! From start to finish all of my questions were answered quickly and professionally. I couldn’t be happier with my new home. Thank you to the entire Sandcastle team for making this a very Merry Christmas.

  • Brad Tiffan says:

    My experience with Sandcastle Homes has been great thus far. I have been in the building business for 9 years and I appreciate the quality and value that Sandcastle puts into each of their homes.

    Mike Salomon has been great. Mike stayed late to take my girlfriend and me around to the different homes and was always willing to help us out. He was very professional and put our minds at ease about the whole process. He knew the floorplan and location I would end up buying even before we went to go look. He listened to our wants and needs and was able to find the product that worked the best for us.

    Stephanie Carwile is probably one of the best construction managers I have ever dealt with in my 9 years in the building industry. I have seen construction managers that don’t care and who dont follow through on the work. I assure you that Stephanie is not one of those people. At the final walk through, she organized each item I found and organized it by room. She triple checked everything to make sure the work was completed correctly. She addressed each and every one of my concerns in a timely matter and went above and beyond what the builder is required to do. I left the final walk through confident that everything would be taken care of and it was!

    Thank you to the Sandcastle team for delivering an exceptional product and an memorable experience. I am happy to be back “inside the loop”, and look forward to the many memories I will have in my new home.

  • Geoff Mules says:

    Thank you Sandcastle homes for building such a beautiful home for my fiancé and I to start our life together. Mike is really on top of the market and puts out a great product for the price. Stephanie was very attentive to detail and awesome to work with throughout the process. Thanks again Geoff.

  • Christina says:

    We have been in our Sandcastle home for just over a year now and we could not be happier with the experience. Any warrenty request has been fixed quickly and with no questions asked. Stephanie C. has continued to be a wonderful point of contact and has gone above and beyond for us many times over the past year. We recently showed off our sandcastle home to some friends who are considering purchasing a sandcastle home in the Heights area and they were very impressed with the finishes and quality of the home…we can’t brag enough on y’all! Thank you!

  • Colton Candler says:

    We bought a house from Sandcastle at the end of June. So far, everything has been wonderful. Stephanie was very helpful during the walk through and with everything since we have moved in. She has addressed all of our concerns in a timely manner. If you are looking for a new house, we definitely recommend Sandcastle!

  • Chris Thomas says:

    We bought a home with sandcastle just over a month ago and things have been great! The house is fantastic and the whole process was really sooth and easy. Our builder Stephanie was excellent, very helpful and gave us lots of useful information which really helped especially for us as we were coming from overseas. Since we moved in, we found the normal couple of minor fixes that were needed and Stephanie was great in responding, things were sorted in a matter of days. If you have her in your build you’re in luck. The sales and upgrades side of things was equally as well oiled, Mike S was quick to answer any questions and help out. We’re really going to enjoy living here, and feel Sandcastle will really look out for us if anything is needed!

  • Jessica says:

    As a first-time home buyer I didn’t quite know what to expect of the process but I certainly didn’t expect it to be this stress-free and easy. Just moved in and I continue to very pleased with the house and with Sandcastle. Sandcastle’s customer service is stellar (thanks both Mikes) and our superintendent Jeffrey was super helpful, available and a pleasure to work with. I’d recommend buying from Sandcastle in a heartbeat and without reservations.

  • Christina says:

    Bought our house from Sandcastle in November 2011 and couldn’t be happier with the value of the purchase. The quality of construction is great and any minor issue we have had has been resolved quickly. We had Sandcastle finish out or garage loft as well and have had similar observations. We were lucky that Jeffrey was our foreman for both job – he’s really easy to work with and genuinely cares about providing a great product.

  • Matt says:

    My wife and I moved into our home about a week ago. Buying a home from Sandcastle has been a great experience, and they come highly recommended from us. From the first walk through our home has performed better than expected. Our inspection went flawlessly. Our walk though only had very minor issues, and when we missed our final inspection, Stephanie was right there accommodating as ever to help us out. We just put in our first warranty request, which was for things i didn’t even expect to be covered, but Stephanie again is looking out for us. We couldn’t be happier and we feel comfortable knowing we can live in this house for many, many years. Stephanie is the “bomb-digity”.

  • Joy says:

    My husband and I moved into our home 3 weeks ago and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s been lots of fun making it look like ours and decorating after living in a small apartment. The house is very well built and there are lots of nice extras that I wouldn’t have thought to add but they make the house so comfortable. For the first time in my life I have more cabinet space in the kitchen than I know what to do with, and it’s so nice not tripping over each other in the super spacious master bath. The buying process was great too! Stephanie was extremely helpful and always available to answer questions or make sure our concerns were dealt with quickly. I have a few relatives who work in real estate and they are all very impressed with the value we got in this home. I’m looking forward to living her for many years and would definitely recommend Sandcastle Homes to a friend.

  • Maria says:

    I have been meaning to comment on here for awhile now, but am just getting around to it! We bought our home on W. 18th Street in June of 2011 and have been so extremely happy with it and also with the customer service that came along with it. From day one, they have been willing to work with us and do so in such a timely manner. We have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie on several occasions and she is top notch. She knows her stuff and she is on top of everything so fast! Any time we have contacted them for any reason, they have responded quickly and efficiently. I also wanted to comment on the plumber that they contract with…he was great to work with. We like the idea that we are still able to contact Sandcastle whenever we need to. They truly do strive to make their homeowners happy!

  • Bill S says:

    We recently completed our home purchase from Sandcastle on October 7, 2011. Stephanie Carwile was amazing in taking the home from the rough finish it was at; to the final version we closed on. Stephanie was thorough in getting those little items taken care of; especially the scratches on the hardwood floors, buffing and applying the new clear coat. More than anything else, she was patient with us as this was the first new house in years. More to come.

  • Ryan J says:

    I’ve been in my place for over a month now and still getting settled in. It seems to be a never-ending process, yet I am still very pleased with my purchase. My superintendent, Stephanie Carwile, has been helpful ever since I met her during the walkthroughs. Even then she made sure to fix the small issues that were a problem and continues to help as much as she can with anything that has arisen lately. This is definitely weight off my shoulders as this is my first house / residence.

  • Lynne Alexander says:

    I have just completed my final walk thru of my new Sandcastle home on Feagan St and couldn’t be more pleased with it! It was a pleasure to work with the Sandcastle staff. Mike Dishberger was extremely accommodating from the start. He quickly answered any questions I had. Stephanie Carwile has been wonderful to work with. She was very thorough during my walk thrus, answered all my questions, fixed anything that needed fixing and has a very pleasant persoanlity and easy to work with! I close on my house in 2 weeks and can’t wait to spend many years in my beautiful new home! Thank you Sandcastle for a quality built home with everything in it that I could want!

  • Chris Lee says:

    I purchased a brand new home in the Heights area from Sandcastle Homes 2 weeks ago and have finally settled in. I’m extremely happy with my experience in dealing with Sandcastle and would highly recommend them to anyone currently in the market for a new home. The people I dealt with (primarily Mike Salomon) were very professional in all of our dealings, and seem to take pride in the quality of their work. They were also very easy going and honest throughout the process.

    The home is beautiful and I am very impressed with how well it was constructed. Prior to moving in, Jeffrey did a great job of making sure all the touch up work we requested was taken care of. The level of customer service you get from Sandcastle is outstanding.

  • Christina F. says:

    We just completed our final walk through for our new home on Dian St. Stephanie Carwile went above and beyond to make sure our new home was exactly the way we wanted it and we couldn’t be happier. Sandcastle has been such a pleasure to work with through the entire construction and we would highly recommend them!

  • Dave says:

    Happy home owner here in our 3rd year in the house on Couch St. Just had Lonestar Air come by for a fix and they responded very quickly, their customer service was excellent, service guy was professional, explained the system to me in better detail, etc. Just wanted to say they were great and we still appreciate everything you guys do and we love our house. Hoping you guys continue to have lots of success, you deserve it.

  • Linda Lord says:

    We just bought a Sandcastle home in July 2011 and have been extremely impressed with how well they treat their customers. Their customer service is top notch. They have gone over and above the call of duty to make sure we are happy with everything about the home. We had one issue that Jeffrey made sure was resolved. We want to commend Jeffrey for his great customer service. Jeffrey, you are great! We would recommend to anyone looking for a home to buy a Sandcastle home. I doubt very much any other builder out there will provide customer service like Sandcastle does along with a great house. Five stars, five stars, five stars………

  • Matt B says:

    We had Sandcastle Homes perform some external revisions to our home in the Heights in late 2010 and early 2011. Their work was extremely professional, on-time and at the contract price that was set.
    Mike Dishberger and Stephanie Carwile understood our needs and communicated with us thorughout the process. I would recommend using Sandcastle on remodel/revision work in the future.

  • Jarrod & Holly Marrs says:

    We bought our new home from Sandcastle in May 2010. We have been very pleased with our purchase and the great customer service provided by Sandcastle. We recently contacted them because we damaged one of the doors in our home. Stephanie was super responsive and helpful in getting it replaced. It is nice to work with a local builder that really cares about the quality of their work, and it is evident that they will do whatever it takes to ensure they have satisfied customers.

  • Sumita Sheth and Stephan Blasilli says:

    We just bought our very FIRST HOME from Sandcastle in August of 2010. We have not only been very satisfied with our new home but with the exceptional customer service that has came along with it as well. Sandcastle homes waited patiently almost two extra months to help us close on our house due to mortgage issues we had with our first lender. In addition to that Stephanie has gone above and beyond in taking care of us from our very first WALK THROUGH in our new home. She has even managed to take care of any issues we have had after moving into our new home. I am talking same day service! We asbolutely LOVE our new home and Sandcastle has done an amazing job by choosing the right employees such as Stephanie and Tessa as well as building great, high quality homes! Thank you Stephanie, Mike and Tessa for making our FIRST HOME one of the best experiences we have ever had!

  • Cindi Evans says:

    I purchased a home from Sandcastle a few months ago. I am very satisfied with my home and I’ve had one maintenance request that was handled very quickly. Stephanie and Tessa are amazing and go above and beyond to take care of the customer. In a high stress situation while buying a new home, these 2 individuals made a personal investment in keeping me happy. From late evening walks to accommodate my busy schedule to securing a temporary refrigerator to bridge the gap until my order came in, this team made it happen. I love my home and it comforts me to know that after the deal is closed, Stephanie stays connected to make sure any issues are resolved. You can buy a new home anywhere, but the people involved make all the difference in the experience. Thank you, Stephanie and Tessa, for representing Sandcastle as a builder that cares about the customer! You ladies are amazing!

  • Michael P says:

    I bought my Heights home in April of 2010 and couldn’t be happier with the decision!

    Mike Salomon and I must have gone through pretty much every single document together. The man has the patience of a rock. This was is my first home purchase and I had a lot of questions. Mike’s assistance helped clear up the mystery for me.

    Another positive highlight of the process was having Stephanie Carwile fight to get my home the way I wanted it. If you want to do it right, get Stephanie on the job. I am so happy to have had someone leading the work on the house with my best interests at heart. Her attention to detail and quality is apparent the minute you walk in the house. Friends, family, even the inspector made comments on the commitment to quality. She went as far as scraping off runaway paint spots from the faucets with her own fingernails so as not to damage them (had to mention that one)!

    I can’t wait to have some more of my friends to decide to move into the area. I’ll definitely be recommending Mike, Stephanie, and Sandcastle homes. Thanks again for the great experience, guys!

  • Ivan Parra says:

    We received a ridiculous valuation of our house by HCAD for 2010. I ended up having to go in front of the review board on June 4th. I called Angela Vera for advice and she went further than I expected – she accompanied me to meet with the review board. Angela did a fantastic job of demonstrating our case based on comparables in the area. It was a slam dunk! Thank you, Angela! You were fantastic!
    Ivan and Ana

  • Hatem Goucha says:

    We have bought a Sandcastle home in a very good location and we lived in it for 4 years. We are very pleased. It has withstood Ike without damage, as well as a freak whip storm that hit the Galleria area in 2008.It has been very inexpensive to maintain. It is well insulated and as a result our electric bills in the summer are low. We strongly recommend Sandcastle homes.

  • As a 20 year plus Realtor it has always been a pleasure to work with and successfully close with Sandcastle Homes. I have successsfully closed more then once with them. I can honestly say Sandcastle Homes puts every possible effort to ensure the absolute very best value has been in the decision making effort in developing there New Homes. They really do offer and have the best value in town.

  • Shawn Shackleford says:

    My wife and I just purchased a new home in Timbergrove Gardens and love it. Great experience with Sandcastle!! I will recommend them to friends.


  • Cliff Burrow says:

    I am very excited about my new home in Skyline Park Village which I purchased in late February of 2010. Very much enjoyed working with the staff at Sandcastle throughout the whole process. It is exactly what I was looking for and is centrally located for all the things I like to do in Houston. I looked around the market for several months and could not find anything comparable in the price and quality that I found at Skyline. I would highly recommend Sandcastle Homes for those looking for an excellent product at a great price.

  • David Canu says:

    Not sure where to begin, but Mike Solamon really went above and beyond to help my family transition from Dallas to Houston. The quality of the home, the location, and the size of the yard, exceeded all our expectations. Just a few important details I immediately noticed were how well the home was insulated, state of the art plumbing “switch” box, and they furnished the kitchen with top of the line appliances. Mike was available by e-mail or phone every day of the week, and if I needed to reach him on the weekends, he was available. If you have any customer service questions, their staff is very professional and is very quick to respond. We purchased the house in Dec 08 and only had a couple warranty issues to deal with, one year later and Jo handled them immediately. If you are looking for a great product/price, family oriented company; I would highly recommend Sandcastle Homes for your next purchase.

  • Melody Smith says:

    My family and I purchased our Sandcastle home in April 2009. We have been here for almost a year now, and I cannot say enough about the excellence of Mike, his team, and Jeffrey. From the beginning, they walked us through the entire process, and made it easy for us since we were first time homebuyers. Even though Mike Solomon is the owner of Sandcastle, he ALWAYS responded to our email and phone questions within hours, and made us feel like we were very important. Jeffrey, who is the head of construction and warranty has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Any warranty request we have is handled promptly and done to our complete satisfaction. When we have company come over, we get compliment after compliment on our home. It is well built and very high quality. We could not be happier!

  • Robin Brown says:

    I could not be more pleased with my new Sandcastle home! Mike Saloman and his team were so easy to work with and very accommodating. The quality in the workmanship of the home is amazing; the walk-thru was a breeze. The entire process was a dream and I look forward to many happy years in my new home!

  • Jimmy and Justine says:

    My wife and I just moved into our new home in Skyline Village two weeks ago. The whole Sandcastle team was accommodating in every way. Of course, I can’t forget to mention the amazing quality and attention to detail in the home. I certainly see Sandcastle Homes gaining many more happy customers long into the future. Thank you!

  • Megan George says:

    We are so happy to be in the Heights and in our new Sandcastle home! Stephanie Carwile was great during our walk throughs and provided great customer service up until closing and even after. We closed on our home at the end of September and could not have been more pleased with the process. Mike Saloman has a great team and it is exciting to see more Sandcastle homes popping up around the neighborhood! We look forward to many happy years in our home. Thank you, Sandcastle!

  • Darryl Woodall/Gary Bergner says:

    We bought our Sandcastle home in May ’02. At that time Sandcastle operated from an old house on Inkler, I think. The primary people we dealt with were “the two Mikes” and Jo Cheshire, who at that time was Jo Dunham. Now, these years later, we continue to have the same respect for these hard-working, honest, and reliable young people that we had back in ’02. Warranty work was done correctly the first time and it was done promptly. Because of the Sandcastle people and their attention to quality construction, we continue to enjoy living “inside the loop”.

  • Stephanie says:

    We’ve been in our house for a week and love it! Sandcastle was able to deliver a completed house in three weeks from signing the contract to closing. The level of service and detail during the preliminary and final walk-thru by Stephanie Carwile was fantastic. We we’re very impressed by the willingness of Sandcastle to fix everything the inspector reported on and the closing went smoothly and fast. No detail was overlooked and we moved into a house we are completely satisfied with. Thank you Sandcastle!

  • James says:

    Our entire experience with Sandcastle Homes, mainly Mike Salomon and Stephanie Carwile, has exceeded any expectation of service, punctuality and professionalism. Our whole experience as first time home buyeres was made simple by their patience, attention to detail, and clear paths of communication. My wife and I closed yesterday, and we love our new home. We bought during construction, and were able to choose almost all of the finishing touches. We feel like our first home is a custom home. We are so glad we chose Sandcastle Homes because of their service before and after the purchase of the home.

  • Nancy says:

    Wanted to post a message and tell you how happy I am with my new Sandcastle home. Energy efficiency was a big deal to me and this hot summer has sure been a test for that! For a 2500 sq. ft house my electricy bill was under $150 per month and that makes me very, very happy! Have not had any service calls needed and I closed on May 1st. It is a great value for the money, a prime location and well built. I look forward to many happy years in my new Sandcastle home!

  • Jan Potter says:

    Gene & I bought our home in Skyline Park Village in February. We simply love it! Sandcastle Homes are extremely well built and the company’s customer service is excellent. We encourage anyone considering our neighborhood or another Sandcastle neighborhood to do business with Sandcastle Homes. They are simply the best!

  • Ivan Parra says:

    Ana and I bought our house from Sandcastle in June. We have been very pleased with our purchase and every day that goes by confirms that we made the best decision.

    First, we got great value for our money. We received great compliments from our inspector for the following: the insulation (generous use of it), proper design to keep water/moisture out (i.e. seep holes), high quality water heater and A/C system, the latest in a plumbing “switch” box (isolate plumbing repair work), telephone and cable wiring (can even get internet from the telephone sockets), and just overall attention to detail.

    Second, the customer service from Mike and staff has been superb from the very first meeting until today. The company is process-oriented and runs a smooth ship to provide very good customer service. We’ve had 1 warranty repair request and it was handle quickly and to complete satisfaction.

    All in all, we are convinced that we got a lot of value for our money, and the house is very pretty. We’re enjoying it very much.

  • Austin R. Fontenot says:

    I purchased my home from Sandcastle a year ago last February and have been ver y satisified. Any warranty work was handled quickly and at a convient time for me. In walking through the neighborhood, I have seen the updates being made to new homes being built, which is great.

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I just moved into my new Sandcastle home and I think it’s a wonderful place to live. They have been very helpful, particularly Lynette and Steve. From the owner Mike Salomen down, it has been a truly positive experience. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to buy a new home that is built of high quality to consider this home builder.

Neal Massey

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