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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

October 16, 2017
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With the fall season approaching quickly and the summer heat dying down, it’s time to get your home ready for the cooler months ahead in order to avoid costly damages during the winter. According to, here are some maintenance tips this fall:

1. Fertilize your lawn with high phosphorus rich fertilizer to ensure root growth in order to have green, healthy grass in the spring.

2. Inspect your roof for any damages. Rain, wind, humidity and temperature changes are all variables that could cause damages on your roof. You need to look for any loose or missing shingles and remove any tree branches that hang over your house.

3. Clean gutters and downspouts throughout the fall season. These areas can fill up leaves and other debris. Neglected gutters can lead to wood rot issues and/or pest infections. Especially after Harvey, a lot of debris could possibly be in these areas.

4. Test all your detectors in your home to make sure they are all properly working. Batteries should be replaced every 6 months. In addition, check the expiration date of your fire extinguisher and replace if needed.

5. Check all your windows and door frames in your home for leaks. You may want to install weather stripping around your doors and caulk around your windows in order to prevent drafts. This will lower your heating bills for the winter. You can also add door sweeps to your doors (especially the ones leading outside) to prevent any cold air from entering your home.

6. Walk around your house and check all the surroundings. For example, look at the exterior paint on the home, look at your drainage, and look for any termite activity or conducive conditions. Look at outdoor lights that might need to be replaced. It’s a good idea to walk around your home a couple times a year to make sure there are no issues and/or identify potential problems early.

7. This is a great time to examine any trees you might have in your yard and trim off the dead branches. In addition, change in leaf color, pines looking thin and/or needles turning brown, and dead branches are all signs of diseases in trees. Try to observe them during the fall in order to prevent your trees dying.

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