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Path to Ownership


Getting Started… Meet The Owners Personally!

At Sandcastle Homes, you don’t deal with a salesperson. You will work directly with one of the Owners, who are committed to ensure that you have an outstanding home buying experience. No empty promises. No disappointments.

Sign Your Purchase Agreement.

Once you have selected your home, we will prepare the Purchase Agreement. This is also done in person, so that we can answer all your questions in real time.

Select Your Options and Finishes.

Depending on the stage of the home, you may be able to select some or all of the nishes that go into your new home. The selections process is conveniently done at the same location as your initial meeting and Purchase Agreement signing. Often, it can be done on the same day, or we can schedule a follow-up meeting at your convenience.

Relax… You’re In Good Hands.

Because it’s in our hands. We will build you a high quality home, in the timeframe established in the Purchase Agreement. Our Quality Assurance Program is second to none in the industry. Our word is our bond.

Inspections and Walk-Throughs

Once we have completed our internal quality assurance review, you will have the opportunity to hire a private inspector. The private inspector works for YOU. He/she is another set of eyes, to make sure nothing has been missed. Once we have received your inspection report, we will conduct the Introductory Walk-through with you, where the Final Punchlist will be created. It is Sandcastle Homes’ policy to have 100% of the punchlist completed prior to closing. This is veri ed during the Final Walk-through, which typically occurs one week after the Introductory Walk-through.

Closing & Move-in! Enjoy Your Home Sweet Home!

The Closing should be a celebration. It is the culmination of months of hard work on our part, and the beginning of the next phase of your life. A Sandcastle representative, generally an Owner, will always be present at the Closing to join in the celebration.

I just moved into my new Sandcastle home and I think it’s a wonderful place to live. They have been very helpful, particularly Lynette and Steve. From the owner Mike Salomen down, it has been a truly positive experience. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to buy a new home that is built of high quality to consider this home builder.

Neal Massey

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