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Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Busy: 10 Easy Homeowner Projects

May 18, 2020
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You’re probably home and getting cabin fever. What better time to tackle some of the homeowner projects you’ve been putting off for months, maybe years? That’s why we’ve put together these 10 easy projects to help you stay busy at home.

Always remember that your first job as a homeowner is to make sure maintenance is done but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. That’s where your home contractor team comes in handy.

PS Included are some really easy projects that you can give to your kids to complete.

Homeowner Projects You Can Do Today

These projects are pretty obvious and where you might need to do some research online, we’ve given you links to get started.

  1. Clean garbage cans (great project for the kids, especially if it’s warm outside).
  2. Clean outdoor furniture and grill.
  3. Trim shrubs around condenser so there’s at least one foot of space on all sides.
  4. Order replacement refrigerator filter. Here are tips for finding which filter you need.
  5. Set up a home maintenance board on Pinterest. Save all your appliances, gadgets and replacement parts like HVAC filters to make future ordering easy.

Homeowner Projects You Might Need a Tool/Supplies to Complete

Some home maintenance tasks need power tools but these don’t. Projects like cleaning gutters have also been left off as you can’t afford to get hurt and need a trip to the hospital during the Coronavirus epidemic. Only specialty tools are listed with the assumption that homeowners like you already have screwdrivers, a utility knife and more.

6. Re-screen windows & patio door with a simple tool called a spline roller. You also need the spline (thin rubber tubing that holds screen in place) plus your screen fabric. The biggest challenge is finding screen material. Try to match your existing screens in color (black, grey or brown), mesh size and thickness. Here are simple directions offered by Lazy Dog.

7. Replace caulking around sinks, bathtubs & showers. This task is getting easier as you can now buy caulking in tubes that don’t require you to learn how to use a caulking gun. Make sure you buy caulk made specifically for kitchen/bath or Loctite’s “tub and tile” caulking. There are also simple caulking tools available under $10, to make this homeowner project easier.

8. Add/replace weather stripping on exterior doors and windows. Learn how to buy weatherstripping to find which products will work best in your house.

9. Change your HVAC filters and find a place to store filters so you can buy them in bulk to save money. Make sure you know the correct filter size to order and learn how the best home air filters can save you money.

10. Inventory your light bulbs and order extra bulbs so you’re prepared when they burn out. Don’t forget outdoor lights and you don’t need more than a few bulbs as LED lights will last a lot longer than the old, incandescent bulbs.

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