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Summer Tips!

July 14, 2011
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This summer has been one of the hottest summers yet! Sandcastle Homes would like to give you a couple of tips for helping you with the maintenance of your home and staying cool during this dry and humid season!

  • Protect your home and valuables from lightning by using multi-port plug-in protectors for your electronics.
  • Avoid using landline telephones and water during a storm.
  • Monitor your home’s energy consumption at home on your computer or while you are away.
  • Clean outside windows, screens, and shutters. Remove screens before cleaning the windows. Always use a broom to remove spider webs and dirt before using water.
  • At the end of summer, you should completely clean your lawn mower and prepare it for storage. Never turn a lawn mower completely over. Use a block to prop it on its side.
  • Adjust your schedule to where on hot days, delay heat-producing tasks such as dishwashing and doing laundry, until the cooler evening or early morning hours.
  • Fill gaps along the sides of your air conditioner to keep outside air from leaking inside your home and remember to clean air conditioner filters regularly.
  • If you’re looking at planning new landscape around your house, leafy shade trees planted on the east and west sides of your home can improve comfort and decrease cooling needs by blocking heat and sunlight.

Don’t forget to always stay cool and hydrated during the whole summer!

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