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Texas No. 2 among best states to bring home paychecks

June 17, 2014
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In a study of the best states to earn a living, Texas took second for bringing home the bacon, edged out only by Washington.

Conducted by, the survey ranked all 50 states by factors including average salary, cost of living, employment rate and workplace conditions. Income was adjusted for state tax rates to measure the average “take-home pay.”

Texas took a top rank thanks to having no income tax and lower cost of living. Employees also ranked the state 10th highest for workplace conditions. In fact, Texas took top scores in each criteria, though it was only average in pre-tax wage numbers.

“Texas had a combination of strengths, and no real weaknesses,” said Richard Barrington, senior financial analyst for Moneyrates. “A dollar in Texas is worth more than in most of the rest of the nation.”

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