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Top Home Trends of 2018

February 15, 2018
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According and, here are some of the top homes trends for 2018:



Bold Floral Prints – Floral prints have been around for a while and will continue to be popular this year but in a more contrasting way! You can incorporate this print in your furniture, wall decor/art and even bedding! In addition to floral prints, bolder colors like yellow and olive green will be the 2018 interior colors for your home.

More Colors in the kitchen – White and gray were the “in” colors last year to have in your kitchen and bathrooms, but this year we will start to notice colors, like blue and charcoal, being popular cabinet colors. Adding these colors into your kitchen and bathrooms cabinets, will give your home a fresh and unique feel when compared to others.

Sinks – Stainless steel and white sinks are out for this year but this doesn’t mean the “farmhouse” style is out! Instead, we will start to notice more black, copper and stone sinks. Having this type of sink in your home, will give it a more rustic feel. Also, bucket or trough sinks are coming in style for bathrooms and laundry rooms to add to the “farmhouse” style.

Mixed Metals – Like last year, mixing different types of metals in your home is still trending. This year, you will see more black and brass faucets and fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. If you aren’t a fan of the industrial look in your home, pair these items with natural stone like marble or quartz. Even adding small metal accents to your countertops or living room will add character to your home.

Quartz, quartz and more quartz – Just like 2017, quartz continues to be popular and is taking the place of granite in all homes. This year, you will see more than standard white and gray colors. Dark grays, black and speckled quartz will be trending to give a contrast to your kitchen and bathrooms.

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