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What To Expect from Sandcastle in 2020

January 9, 2020
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With a new year and a new decade brings new communities and homes! Here is what to expect from Sandcastle Homes in 2020:

Floorplan Changes and Feature Updates

This year, we have made changes to our Athens floorplan. The secondary bedrooms and bathroom have been rearranged to have larger secondary closets and a more open bathroom.

Along with the floorplan changes, we have also added some modern features to our homes. In our kitchens we are adding pendant light pre-wiring and can lights in the formal dining rooms and pre-wiring for cameras on the exterior of the home.


We will soon be starting construction on a 12-home community called Bellaire Gardens. Starting in the high $500’s, this area will feature our most popular floorplans including the Lisbon, Geneva, Barcelona, Bordeaux and Chesapeake.  Bellaire, which is its own city within Houston, is a popular area to live due to the family oriented atmosphere and proximity to Downtown, the Galleria and the Medical Center. This neighborhood has excellent schools and is surrounded by amazing restaurants, bars and shopping areas as well.

See below for more information on this community.

Sunset Heights

900 E. 23rdAthensHigh $400’sSpring
900 E. 23rdChesapeakeHigh $400’sSpring

Heights Annex

700 W. 16thAthensMid $400’sSummer
700 W. 16thChesapeakeMid $400’sSummer


1800 DunlavyBordeauxHigh $500’sSpring
1800 DunlavyChesapeakeHigh $500’sSpring
1800 BranardCoronadoLow $600’sSummer
4000 WoodheadSterlingLow $600’sSummer

Cottage Grove

1100 KiamGenevaMid $400’sSpring
1100 KiamBarcelonaMid $400’sSpring
1100 KiamChesapeakeMid $400’sSpring
1100 KiamBordeauxMid $400’sSpring
5000 KiamLisbonHigh $400’sSpring
5000 KiamChesapeakeHigh $400’sSpring
5300 KansasBarcelonaHigh $400’sSpring
5300 KansasBordeauxHigh $400’sSpring
5300 KansasGenevaHigh $400’sSpring
5300 KansasChesapeakeHigh $400’sSpring

Rice Military

5000 LillianGenevaHigh $500’sSummer
5000 LillianBordeauxHigh $500’sSummer

Spring Branch

7800 JanakLisbonHigh $400’sSpring
7800 JanakBordeauxHigh $400’sSpring
7800 JanakChesapeakeHigh $400’sSpring
7800 JanakLisbonHigh $400’sSummer
7800 JanakBordeauxHigh $400’sSummer
7800 JanakChesapeakeHigh $400’sSummer

For more information on upcoming communities and homes, please visit our website at

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