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DIY Ways to Upgrade your Backyard

April 20, 2020
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With most people working from home, there isn’t a better time to work on your home. Summer approaching quickly so it’s the perfect time to start getting your backyards ready! Here are some of Sandcastle’s tips on how to upgrade outdoor space ideas.

1. Add a Patio – If you don’t have one already, it’s easy to add one yourself! Patios can be built with concrete pavers, stones or even rocks or pebbles. Creating this area allows you to have a gathering area for furniture, fire pits and more. Click here for some patio ideas according to

2. Add Color – One of the 2020 outdoor trends include adding bold colors. You can do this by adding colorful a rug, furniture, umbrellas and décor for your fence or walls. Another trend is adding items with stripes. Pillows and rugs area a great way to add this pattern to your backyard.

3. Lighting – Lighting in backyards has been a trend that has been popular for years! String lights, lanterns, tiki torches and even path lights are easy examples to add to your yard. Adding any type of lighting will add mood and ambience to your yard. It can be as simple as stringing some lights around your patio/deck, adding lanterns to your tables or even solar-powers path lights. For some fun and creative ideas on adding lighting to your backyard, click here.

4. Vertical Gardens – Another outdoor trend is adding a vertical garden to your yard. Instead of the normal in-ground garden, this is a more unique way to grow herbs, flowers and succulents. You can set-up this garden on a fence, wall or gate to turn a dull area into something fun.

5. Bright Flowers – Plant bright flowers and plants is another way to add color to your yard. Especially in beds that are along a fence line, this will add color to help the look. In Houston, the summers can be hot and you want plants that will survive that. Some examples for areas in full sun are Lantanas and Marigolds and examples areas in full shade area are Begonias and Inpatients.

6. Mixed Material Furniture – Outdoor furniture can sometimes be a little pricey. If you want to save a little money and have pieces that look nice, mixing materials on your furniture can help. Some examples of this are placing glass on top of a wicker table, wood table with metal chairs or even adding cushion to the seating of a picnic table.

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